Hi Everyone,

I recently go the opportunity to go to GDC which is a huge opportunity to me as an independent game designer and academic. Unfortunately, due to the CAD being very low, and academic job not paying as much as they should, I am finding myself in the position of not having enough money to survive a week in SF.

So I decided to try and have a small fundraiser in the hope of getting some extra funds for my trip. Since I don’t want to just ask for money, I am offering personalized portrait drawings in return for donation money. For more information, please email me at: yifatshaik @ gmail. com

Realistic portrait 100$-120$:

Hyper realistic digital portrait of yourself (or anyone else you might want me to draw)

Unique Vector portrait – 50$-60$

Line-art color portrait- 40$

 A pet – 20$

You can also, if you just want to donate a bit of money send me with paypal.me