This weekend I participated in Board Game Jam 2015 and created a memory/strategy game hybrid called MYS

2015-03-09 18.37.52

2015-03-09 18.34.16 2015-03-09 18.35.02

How To Play?


2-4 players strategic memory game

What is in the box?

26 white tiles

26 dark tiles

4 pawn

40 tokens

How to play?

Setting up:

Each player receive a pawn, and 10 token the color of the pawn

Choose one of the tile set (white or dark) and randomly pickup 4 tiles from that pile (without looking at what you picked).

Mixed them together with the opposite tile set, and arrange them on the table face down

You can arrange it anyway you like, as long as the tiles are adjacent to each other

Each player randomly place the pawn near one of the corners of the board you created


Each player in his turn can choose between 3 actions

  1. Moving one tile in each direction, placing a token on the tile in order to see the shape on the opposite side. If there are already another player token on tile, player must place double the amount of tokens that are already on the tile
  2. Moving one tile in each direction, and taking the token that are already placed on the tile
  3. swapping the tile you are on, with any random tile on the board

The goal of the game is to find all four opposite colored tiles on the board, that includes their location and the shape that is drawn on them. If a player thinks that he/she found all the tile, he/she must call it in their turn and revel their location and the shape drawn on them

If the location the player picked is wrong, the player loses and the other players can take their turn choosing where the tiles are