Hello, I'm Yifat Shaik

Data scientist, game designer and educator based in Toronto, Canada.

I am focused on combining design practices with data science in order to optimize systems and processes for companies and their clients.

Currently Course Director at York University


Data Science

Cleaning data and predictive modeling using python as well as working with machine learning algorithms. Experience in using Python, SQL and Excel for Data Science.

Game Design

Procedural game systems and game narrative structure with focus on personal stories and subversive mechanics (intentional glitches, meta-fiction, humor). Built and designed game in Unity, proficient in using Excel spreadsheets for game design.

Public Speaking

public lectures and running workshops in various events.


Three years experience in teaching game design and 3D modeling, syllabus creation, mentoring students.

Community Organizer

co-director of Dames Making Games, organizer Different Games Conference.

Miscellaneous Art/Design

3D Generalist (Modeling, texturing and rigging in Maya), Illustration (digital and vector), layout design in InDesign (books and magazines), digital compositing and video editing in AfterEffects, creating interactive installations, designing VR experiences.

Programing Languages


Get in touch

Thanks for stopping by. If you would like to contact me feel free to reach me by email below.